Friday, 16 March 2012

Cheese toast

Everything in your entire exsistance, every single cell of your being is shouting and screaming: NO!!! Yet, there is this teeny-fucking-tiny-wee-little part of you that just doesn't wanna let go? Actually this part its not even originally a part of you; its something that with time you've cultivated it, fed it and with time more and more exponentionally it just grew. Its not even remotely possible to explain it to anyone who has never ever personally been in this situation, and i can promose you they'll never ever in their whole entire fucking life understand this explanation...
Always being bugged by this bloody monkey on your fucking back and you've got the top of the range model: the deluxe. And i'll never ever be able to explain to you how fuckedup it is and how hectically bigtime it really sux. Every single aspect of your life is completely fucked and i mean completely and totally spiralled out of control, the only thing that's getting stronger and stronger here is your soul? For the rest? pissed-off and annoyed is what you mostly get and then theres also the milliions of oppertunities you've missed that you regret...
So many oppertunities just fucking whizzing by, mostly all you wanna do is shout, scream and cry. Being so completely lost in oblivion and that's more than just quite fucked up, and then to get out of this position you put yourself in is gonna take mre than jst luck, a huge foolproof idea: a touch of brilliance, im talking a huge fucking masteplan is what you need here. And the irony that plan you nade was the easy part - cause after that you really meed the strenght to stick with your choice without showing any fear...

'Cause every time I go to try to leave, Someone keeps pullin' on my sleeve. I don't wanna, but I gotta stay. These drugs really got a hold of me.
Cause every time I try to tell them "no". They won't let me ever let them go. I'm a sucker all I gotta say: These drugs really got a hold of me.

Eminem - Drug Ballad

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