Monday, 5 March 2012

Cudve, shudve

So many different chioces i shudve made, so many different out comes u cudve reached, will you evr know what the right end to your story was supposed 2 b. Not understanding the intricasy of every good or bad choice youve made. From coosing 2 b a hermit, choosing 2 let sum1 in, choosing 2 get hurt - over and over again yet not understanding why, when & where everything fucked up? Yet you were the master of your own fucking misery, you handbuilt this hell you are currently in just by making mre & mre bad fucking choices so u can break down this prison tht u built for yourself but if like me you are the fucking man, the king of lies & the master manipulator, then you hve shit cause breaking down a prison of your own making -wht the fuck?

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