Saturday, 3 March 2012

The end

So intense is this pain that life inflicts you on a daily basis, emotionally fucked up yet you're always putting on all these happy little faces, so fucking harsh this emotional burden u bear, it makes me think of hanging myself so much it gives me quite the scare; all this shit will be gone in one single second of time - could wanting to end all this suffering really be such a fucking crime?
Herion was my friend, heroin was my end. Fucked me over i in ways a million and one, and i used to think this was fun; now all i wanna do is sit in a corner and die. To the 1 or 2 people i hurt due to losing my lifes zest: its nothing personal, i really did, i tried my best....
I promise u that its nothing anyone did - i was just sick of other people and the worlds shit. I dont hope this means that life won, i wont see that on as too much fun? Maybe i shit stand up out of this heap of shit and maybe fight back another bit?

'Look on the bright side is suicide' Nirvana - Millk it

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