Monday, 26 March 2012

Slowly dying

Everything in your life is slowly but surely rotting away, sometimes
you feel as if its a miracle just to see your next day. Yet, strangely
enough you're not too worried about it, to be honest you dont actually
give a continental fucking blue shit. Wait a moment, thats a big fat
fucking lie cause everytime you feel a cramp or pain you panic annd
think: 'i dont wanna die!'...
Strange combination of emotions you go through, and you really don't
have half a fucking clue; cause on the one side you have considered
suicide before, but when you get a cramp in your heart you dont wanna
play that dying game anymore? I wish i cud make something of this
predicament thats so fucking confusing cause at this moment in time i
dont at all find it amusing...
You know the difference between right and wrong, you dont wanna use
but your addiction just drags you the fuck along. If you ever wanna
learn how powerless u can be, quickly get addicted 2 heroin and you'll
see. Everything will spiral out of control at the speed of sound -
you'll become a hermit and people will start wondering if ur stil

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