Friday, 23 March 2012

Another statistic?

How in the name of god do u beat your worst enemy? I mean you cant ignore her or just let her be? She will rip your whole fucking life apart, yet you'll run back to her evertime you have a broken heart. And then after that? Any excuse to visit her is good enough, and before you can blink life has gone from sort of balanced to completely fucked and the all the edges rough...
Constantly being haunted by flashes of how fucked everything used to be, every step you take is a huge fuckup and this you can see. Yet you just fuck it up in a million and one different ways and forms and every fucked up decision you make causes an even bigger shit storm. And you can take my word for it that everytime you have 2 pick yourself up is soo much harder and so much more complicated and everytime you must untangle this web it makes you more and more frustrated...
The more and more pissed off and frustrated you get, the more and your last series of bad choices u regret.. When you are pissed off that all you wanna do is commit suicide, or wish that years ago you already died. How do u kill your worst enemy that also doubles as your best friend? how do you get away from it and start yourself to mend?

'Rape me, Rape me my friend. Rape me, Rape me again'
Nirvana - Rape me

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