Friday, 23 March 2012

Home sweet home

Its quite morbid and depressing if u find more comfort in a toilet than in your own room. Man...I'm no genius but that' just a forecast for doom. I mean it doesn't matter from which angle you look at it; its pretty fucked up and really quite shit. So comfotable the shitter has become to you, even when if you shoot up at home you do it in the freaking loo?
Home alone, and all the worlds' privacy - i mean utter bliss, yet you go and sit in the room normal people use to piss? Its becomes like your holiday house or your pause away from home, hiding from all thats bad - except from yourself in your little dome. Its here where you are completely, totally and utterly at peace; and in your perfect litlle stinky, smelly and messy hole you can completely be at ease?
But how at ease can you actually be in a public toilet; i mean its not just paranoia: you really worry. Cause sometimes unforseen crap happens, you have to flush your gear and then you're really fucking sorry. Especially if the shits really big and u even have to get rid of your tools; otherwise you'll be taken to jail by these fools. Murphys law: it was your first and only fix for the 1 day you don't have any money; well if you've never been addicted to heroin before; That whole scenario is not funny!
Having to start making a plan right from the fucking start, and except for the sore muscles and the cold sweats: you cant even fart? Walking around, thinking, trying to make a plan, look at urself...this is really no life man. So i just realised - maybe i shud leave the public toilets the fuck alone but the toilet in my house will always be the most comfortable throne...

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