Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Fuck that

Its actually difficult to prerend that u dont care cause some shit reallly bothers you when u get caught up in that 'into the middle of nothingness' stare. Thats when all the things you pretended to have moved out the way, come back with a bang and show you that they're here to stay. I mean i can try and numb it out cause tht usually helps you forget BUT when u come down its so amplified u actually break out in a cold fucking sweat...
On the inside a panic attack you are having a complete fucking nervous breakdown yet on the outside nothing - not even a fucking frown calm as you are literally going through hell but not one other person in the room can tell. Why am i writing down all this shit anyway? That is a worry for another day...

'Drank, dagga, heroin en poes het my lewe heeltemal verwoes' - weetie wie nie

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