Friday, 22 June 2012

Another eish?

If i had a rand for every tear ive shed then i would be able to give you the life you expect, if i got symparty for every single fucking regret: very long ago the mistrust you would forget. If you had understanding as to every handfull of hair ive pulled out, then you really wouldve known what being angry at myself is all about. If only i coud wave a magic wand and it will make all the shit right, with yourself you'd have no reason to fight
cause you know how much i love you...
If only i could go back in time, for you id erase all my bad and not have comitted one crime. If only youd understand how i truly feel, then youll know everything is from the heart and so pure and real. If you know my heart like i know my heart belongs to you, then you would know everything i said i meant and is true. If only you knew my heart like i know that your heart belongs to me, then a bright and happy future for us youll also see...
Cause i know how much you love me
If only sometime another chance i could get, all the trust issues, stress and sorrow ill help you forget. If in time things look like they can work out, then ill remind you what true and pure love is about. If only the feeling i get from you still went both ways, our love and passion would be amazing in all ways. If sorry could make everything right then this small issue could be solved by a simple fight...
Cause i know how much we love each other!!!

'come on baby, come on over, let me be the one to show you: im the one that wants to be with you, deep inside i hope you feel it too, waiting on a line, oh, waiting on a line, just to be the next to be with you'
Mr. big - To be with you

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