Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Please forgive me

Im sorry about all the tears we both cried, im sorry for all the times that to you i lied, i really fucked up your trust solid and good, all i needed to do was put forward my best foot. But old habits die hard and it wasnt the end but atleast avery good start. You showed love and understaning as much as you could, never on your shoulders that burden shouldve put...
You stood by me every second of the fight and right from the start i shoulve listened to you cause you were right. Your good and pure heart showed me the way of light and your love and everything about you gave me reason to fight, yet junkie me, was just to fucking blind to see, and just fucked it up completely and all i shouldve done was go back to being me...
Wish you could embrace the good, the bad, the past and the future in me, if you love me the way i love you then you will see. I wish i could right the wrongs yet all i can do is about it write corny songs. Youve changed me and im really gonna be the best, screw the gossip, the logic and fuck the rest, togrther we belong and with that my angel there is nothing wrong...

'Woman, I can hardly express my mixed emotions and my thoughtlessness. After all, I'm forever in your debt and woman, I will try to express my inner feelings and thankfulness. For showing me the meaning of success.
Woman, please let me explain: i never meant to cause you sorrow or pain, so please let me tell you again and again, now and forever, i love you now and forever'

John Lennon - Woman

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