Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Yet another FUUUUUUCK !!!

Theres such an undescribanle love between a junkie and his spick and ive probably said this before but it really sucks dick. I really dont have the foggiest as to why its so fucking appealing? Yet for another hit youll even find yourself begging, worshipping all whilst kneeling. Its a sick and twisted type of desperation you might confuse with love, but never ever again will you have the freedom to do anything or even in your head fly away like a dove. Your whole world, literally fucking everything rotates around your tools, this is really the weapon of choice for stupid fucking smartass fools...
But once upon a time you promised yourself that drugs youll never touch, yet in this fucking life of yours youve seen and done your fair share plus an additional way to much. I mean sticking a needle in your arm doesnt just happen overnight; cause for fucksakes when i was younger they used to give me a huge fucking fright. If i saw a needle nevermind it going into my arm and id pass out slap, bang waking up to what feels like the next day, nope -before you get there, theres is alot of morals and values that need to get stripped away. At your most fucked up and desperate must you be to take that step or to be cool infront of your friends but fuuuck that stupid choice or popularity booster will only end up in tears of regret...
By trying to repress the old scars youre just creating fresh ones that only know about: deeper, harder and more; and the newer ones is much harder to heal than the set you had before. With each chop it slashes rips, cuts and festers more yet youre the one holding the axe, just going at it beating and chopping away at yourself without even taking a moment to relax. Fucking youself over harder and harder with every bad choice you make, 600 black and yellow sighnboards to show the way and still the wrong road youll take. I dont know what the fuck with myself im gonna do cause how much harder can one person themself screw???

'Keep myself away...
how am i gonna keep myself away from me?'

Counting Crows - Perfect Blue Buildings

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  1. Hang in there buddy, I'll get better I promise. Maybe not now, but it will get better. All things work out in the end and if things ain't workin out then it ain't the end.