Monday, 11 June 2012

Hellish or just plain hell

Ive never ever in my fucking life lost grip of my life as what i did this time round: no truth, only heroin and reality and thats even worse than it sounds, from being a complete and total health finatic - one wrong move and what am i again! a fucking heroin addict. This time was different: i mean evil and far into the twilight zone BUT GUESS WHAT YOU CUNTS? IVE made it back home...
Just a short while ago i was grovelling in the ashes infront of the gates of hell-begging and pleading for them to let me in. Im so fucking over heroin addiction that i saw suffering and burning in an pit of flames as a better life to begin. Your so fucking down that you literally wanna die, yet to stay alive you would go even as far as to beg and cry? Seeing death and freedom as the same thing, and really knowing what freedom and penetance it will bring...
Just wanting to be released of this evil fucking thing that got you in its capture, and if you dont make a fucking plan soon youll be caught there untill the freaking raptue. This addiction thing is so much more fucked up than what anyone can ever make it sound and if you can curb your curiousity the son of a bitch cant come round? Cause all this time its wasted and life its thrown away - fuck man...was it really worth it all at the end of the day???

'Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions.'

Edgar Cayce


  1. You are so poetic, thats a brilliant metaphor / analagy ( what the fuck do I know ) gates of hell, it is man for sure. Then the gates shut behind and your fucked! Ive heard people say heroin is the devils trap- its true.....:-(
    Hope that ur ok neway? X

  2. i wont say im ok but ill survive-thats wht addiction taught me-2 survive so ill make it and wnt let those fucking gates close behind me. Hope u r survivng.