Saturday, 2 June 2012


First fuckingtime that ive ever gotten this pissed-off and annoyed with myself and me. Clean and sober for a while then again you fuck out - couldnt i just let this shit be? But no! I aways have to fuck it up good and solid and this time round i cant even say it burnt a hole in my wallet. Cause im accustomed to always being flat fucking broke but this time round its not even a joke...
Everything you own gets reduced to smack in price, and to let it go you dont even think twice. Fucking scary how much assets i can accumilate in a week. Its just a fucking pity its so difficult to keep. Yet after every lapse you own even less than before. God dammit! Whats wrong with having more. Everything that comes into this path of distruction gets reduced to a hit or three, im not vey clever but there must be something hectically wrong with me...

'Upside down! You're taking me underground. Your breaking me down, down, down. You're tearing me inside out. You burry me.
This ain't no one night stand. I gotta do it again and again!'

Dope - Addiction

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