Thursday, 14 June 2012


Fuuuck! Its amazing how fast and how wasted things can get, in such a short fucking time so much unnessacary bad dept, trying to claw your way out of this home made and self styled fucking ditch, and just as you get to the top you get gripped by the ankles and pulled back down by this stupid fucking bitch, who i would like to refer to as 'my favorite lady smack', fuck-me-sideways if she has you in her grip it feels like theres no coming back. When your relationship with this bitch starts to grow; then how far you can lose yourself is one of the things to you that she'll show...
Doing every fucking possible thing i can to waste time before i take my next hit, for the love of christ! you dont understand how fucking sick and tired i am of this shit, it doesnt matter how many times you engage in this stupid twisted fucking game, the end results will always be and stay the same. That bitch will fuck you up hard and trust me its sore, yet youll go running back begging and pleading for more. Body, mind and soul: you can literally feel all of them dying, and in the distant background you hear shattered parts of your true self begging and crying...
Totally fucked up cause the next hit you really dont want to take, and to add to that its as if your body wants to crack, give in and break. So much drugs, so little time - i mean how long did you think the party will last - if you dont stop soon youll see your end pretty fucking fast. Fighting off the urge to take that next fucking hit, unfortunately smack is stronger although just a wee bit. So this battle will literally take out of you everything youve got, yet to win it you have to do something as 'simple' as just not taking that next fucking shot...

'Before you slip into unconsciousness, I'd like to have another kiss. Another flashing chance at bliss, another kiss, another kiss. The days are bright and filled with pain, enclose me in your gentle rain. The time you ran was too insane, We'll meet again, we'll meet again'

The Doors - The Crystal Ship

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  1. "Its amazing how fast and how wasted things can get, in such a short fucking time"

    I can't tell you how much I agree with that. I can't tell you how much I've seen that happen.