Friday, 8 June 2012

Heroin, methadone, subutex, suboxone, pax and stilnox

Smarties to keep jou going, or is it actually real progress youre showing? Dont even try and bullshit me, you are soo fucking zonked and everyone can see, sunken eyes deep and dark, from being just a survivor back to being a shark. Atleast all these pills keep you at bay, and yes; they take the cravings away. But without them you are so fucking lost and far gone - cause its really these babies that keep me strong...
Just a legal numbing out of your pain, only things that are borderlining you from going insane. I must admit detox meds have gotten better a million fold, but once their addictive power have you in its hold: Fuck! Its harder to get off all these tablets than smack itself and thats my promise to you. The thought and justification of legal opiates can really with your mind screw...
Its alright and better cause its not smack but still you have none of your power back. Well to outsiders it might look as if you kicked the shit but your still feeding your addiction bit by bit. Still numbing out the pain and giving away your power yet your still constantly awaiting your final hour, then maybe you can be rid of this once and forever, you must really be fucked up if you consider death an answer, no! never...

'If you die you're completely happy and your soul somewhere lives on. I'm not afraid of dying. Total peace after death, becoming someone else is the best hope I've got.'

Kurt Cobain


  1. tell me about it. Im not even on a script but i just applied to go to rehab and they said i have to go on meth or subitex, tried explaining its worse than gear n another addiction thats hard to detox off but they wouldnt have it. U know what i mean

  2. its actually a bigger bitch to get off subutex/suboxone cause its just a legal opiate so its 'acceptable' cause it doesnt show up in a test, and your support system(if you are lucky enough to have one)would rather take you to your doctor(who is jst a businessman anyway)to get you another script for it than giving you money for a hit cause you buy it at a chemist (and they have a hard time keeping up with demand cause so many times you get to the chemist and they say 'the supplier is out of stock') and you can even get a reciept for it. So whoever had you tested sees that you dont have H in your system and they are cool meantime they dont know that those times the chemist is out of stock and so are you then your muscles starts getting stiff and sore, your stomach starts twisting, you get nausious and your stomach fucks out and when you are out of meds you might as well go and take a hit and if it doesnt fuck up your state of mind and you manage to get over that hit psycologically you can just go back on your meds as if nothing happend(easier said than done BUT ANYWAY)now im not very clever but all the effects you get from detoxing from your meds is and feels excactly like cold turkey-rite?? So what the fuck??

  3. My point exactly!! might as well just do the bloody rattle! Although for what its worth, Im sure I can wing it with the symptoms ( I hope ) so Im just gonna sniff the subi's and get off my head that way :-) fuck the system. Is that what its like with the chemist in Cape Town? God thats awful! Here in England I would go to every chemist in the city until I found them- you should ask your doctor to ring the chemist 1st to check theyre in stock, cos leaving you without is well out of order, as only obvious then you have to use!... And they call themselves doctors. Tsk...

  4. so how do u use it? pax and subutex/suboxone during the day and stilnox @ night? Does it completely STOP u from having ANY withdrawal symptons? Been IV H for a year and wanna get off it. Please help. Am so shit scared of withdrawals.....

    1. after years of trail and error(chased for 4years, shot up for 8 and thousands of attempts to quit)ive come to this recipe that works for me, firstly you cant be scared of stopping and withdrawels cause it only makes it worse. the moment you open your eyes on the morning of day one you take atleast 4mg of subutex(suboxone makes depressed), a 10mg pax tablet and a stilnox. take a shower, eat something if you can, smoke 3 or 4 blunts, then eat if you didnt have appetite earlier on and just go and relax or pass out(but i dont now how strong your system is so the amount of meds is right for me but it would knock someone else very hard)when you wake up you take 2mg subutex, another pax and a j or 2.then you wont be that sick and if you can sleep and sweat most of it out on the 1st day then on day two you can just lightly dose yourself all day and pase it till late at night then take a stilnox for another goofed out sleep. and the more your gonna worry about it and fear it the worse its gonna be. and another thing: start taking strong natural antioxidants a while before stopping cause that takes alot of the pain away and also a natural(preferably organic)multi-vitamin cause that really reduces your cravings. thats the best advice i can give. hope it helps