Sunday, 20 May 2012

48 hours again

Body is bucked, bent and completely fucked, you can actually feel where the chemicals hardest struck, everything in me body feel out of place, i dont even have my normal fucking experession on my face, i am really sooooo fucking far from fine, and in my back it doesnt even feel like my own spine...
Kidneys are pumping with each intense beating of my heart, hey i may feel like shit but it is a fucking good start, just a fucking pity im on my way to work, and just that feeling alone want to make me go bezerk. It would be so fucking cool to be parking on the couch just chilling out, but fuck why cant i just have a peacefull cold turkey, whats this shit about...
I suppose it could have been alot worst cause i didnt have to use before leaving the house first? Thats quite the fucking bonus if you ask me, and i must be blind the real thruth not to see? After really wanting it very badly for sooo fucking long, on the other side i did come out strong...

'wake in a sweat again, another days been laid to waste, in my disgrace, stuck in my head again, feels like ill never leave this place, there's no escape. Im my own worst enemy'

linkin park - given up


  1. good blog, but man ur pic is makin me wanna score

  2. im sorry? I dont know? Dont worry cause i dont have alot of them left. Thanks though but i think its quite tacky