Thursday, 24 May 2012

Good morning

How does a normal person start their morning, well i suppose it also involves a lot of yawning, but for the rest i can promise u it doesnt start this way; alarm goes off, push snooze cause you're not in the mood for this day! After the 2nd or 3rd snooze you eventually decide to lift your lazy ass; you roll abig fatty and start smoking alotta grass...
No milk or sugar so we'll have some bitter black tea, just to get some heat and sustanance in me, quick valium before your shower you start to take, halfway through the shower: ziing now i AM awake. Quickly get dressed and gel my hair cause its actually only for the next step that i care...
Get everything ready and get comfy on the loo,
its six in the morning and already opening your first bag is what you do. Losing yourself and alotta time before you have to leave for work just now, cause im not getting up due to having another bag: FUCKING WOW! So your session has been made longer and just makes getting up here and going to work so much freaking wronger...

'Get away from me. This isn't gonna be easy but I don't need you, believe me. Yeah, you got a piece of me, but it's just a little piece of me and I don't need anyone. And these days I feel like I'm fading away'

Counting Crows - Have You Seen Me Lately

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