Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Breakfast, food, sustanance, substance

Breakfast in a junkies house, not even scraps for a fucking mouse,
pawn your last valueables - atleast for food this time, doesnt leave
you feeling that guilty or if youve comitted a crime, but you end up
spending it on chocolate, you are fucked up and that is it...
Just cant get enough sustanance into my system, constantly starving
and dont know where to begin, stuffing my face with anything i can lay
my grubby little hands on, pot of oats - 5 minutes and its gone,
pasing up and down craving food, and know you have fuckall but you
have to make good...
Cause if these cravings get out of hand; then the result will be
something like a relapse and that much i understand. Rather feed this
demon with 'descently' earned chow and the occasional thing sweet, and
show yourself that through this you can make it and this cocksucking
demon you can beat. But for fuck sakes - where does all this shit end?
you cant just wave a magic wand to make it go away and that you're
better you definately cant pretend...

'Use just once and destroy. Invasion of our piracy. Afterbirth of a
nation. Starve without your skeleton key. I love you for what I am
not. I did not want what I have got. A blanket acne'ed with cigarette
burns. Speak at once while taking turns'

Nirvana - Radio friendly unit shifter

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