Monday, 21 May 2012

Nice one brother

A new day has dawned on me? I must be an idiot not to see, i suppose if you want something bad enough it will come your way, but this has been a sick and twisted game i with myself played. For fuck sakes i shouldve stopped after round one cause doesnt matter who says what not even that was fun...
Thats actually when you taste it that you are scared, when for the first time you realise how the heroin has you ensnared. Cause for fucksuckes: its not cool to realise youve fallen fucking hard but in reality this is also where self-discovery starts. Deep inside who and what you you really are, polishing and grinding you down very, very far...
But somewhere down right at the bottom you will start to change, get strong, stand up and just be, your fucking eyes open for the first time in your life and you can really the truth and facts see, not just looking deep into life but also all the fine details start seeing. Waking and standing up to a new dimension of being, new life with all its shit: im ready, not just ready but also taking it fucking steady...

'this is the end my only friend, the end'
the end - the doors


  1. What's the longest time you've ever gone without heroin since picking up the Habit..?

  2. thats difficult to say but i would go with 9 months or so but ive never had a 1st b/day.