Sunday, 27 May 2012

Cofusion still reighns supreme

Really in a huge heap of shit, smothered in anger, depression and surrounded by that foul fucking stench of hate. sitting in your own pile of crud, not knowing whether you should just feel sorry for yourself and meddle, feel sorry for yourself and murder or feel sorry for yourself and commit suicide? The enormous dilemmas that junkies face...
Sorta like a long fucking maze with no beginning and definately no fucking end, you might find a prison sentence or two in there, holy shit youll definately find a climic or five in this maze but stil no end? Some people are lucky enough to find the graveyard cause they say a junkies battle is over the day he dies so...Fucking bonus for them i would say. Altho according 2 me there has to be an ecape hatch here somewhere cause i personally dont even have an fucking clue as to what im on about cause if you take from where this started to where i am now youll understand how confused i actually am BUT ANYWAY...

'Don't know how we got this far. So attached now and this scares me. Like a thief you stole my heart and I fallen in love so unfairly.
Boy I hate that my world revolves around you And I hate my heart cause it hurts without you'

Kat Deluna - Love confusion

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