Monday, 30 July 2012

Brain fried

Call me stupid, call me a dumd fucking arse, maybe i burnt my brain with all the chemicals or maybe i smoked to much grass? Make a choice cause the facts i wont be able to specify, you shouldnt take my word for it anyway cause most of the time i am high. Actually most isnt even remotely close cause in my system there is always some kind or another dose. Just a simple example to show what i mean; at work on the telly i saw hockey being played by our national team...
Asked one of my co-workers why are they showing a sport on tv thats not very big in RSA? I dont know who was more surpsised when i heard what she had to say: 'cause its the olympic games' was what she said, i nearly killed myself laughing and im talking - dead. Now im thinking maybe its got nothing to do with my brains that some people think has turned to jelly, maybe its cause i just dont bother with watching the fucking telly...
Listen to the radio or reading the newspaper is also not on my attenanary, they are all brainwashed so then what is it with me? Altho i pump chemicals into my veins, except for the little addiction problem there is not much wrong with my brains. I just choose what data goes in, and because of that the strangest assumptions does it bring. But anyway im the one who apparently doesnt have a fucking clue? Fuck me sideways; what is an addict to do???

'He who learns but does not think, is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.'


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