Friday, 13 July 2012


Strange as it may be but life only shows you what you want to see. You know the old corny open your eyes...boy! youll get a huge notherfucking surprise, your eyes can fly open at the speed of light, or this rebirth you can fight? But why the fuck would you want to do such a thing, cause only more fucking misery it will bring. I still dont know what the fuck i am on about, still angry and in the fucking mood to shout. But for the love of god i dont know why, yesterday the only fucking thing i wanted to do was cry. Its it just me or is everything im writing more and more fucking wasted, maybe its cause for a while my sweet honey i havnt tasted? Whatever the situation might or may be, ill just have to wait and see, or maybe shape it myself for a change, here and there alotta shit i need to rearrange. But at this moment im lazy as fuck, went to work and got sent home - what a fucking luck. Most people are still in rehab after four long fucking days, me? Doing it different for a change: trying a new strategy and this one seems to be the one, so im not gonna peak and fuck it up with my twisted sense of 'fun'. No needles, schnarfing or foil, cause those fucking tools will be to all this good energy a big knock and a huge fucking spoil...

'Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you're alive, it isn't'.

Richard Bach

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