Friday, 20 July 2012


Same as addiction true love is impossible to explain, being so close to the one you love but not being able to touch really drives you completely, totally and utterly in-fucking-sane. Probably the two opposite and worst things in this universe to compare? If youve only experienced one of them in total disbelief at this youll probably stare. But look at the fact that ls behind what i have to say and then you can decide whether theres truth or if my mind went on a permanent holiday...
Both start with a feeling that sort-off feels like you got hit by a lightningbolt, both feelings get you off your ass and on your feet in a huge fucking jolt. Perfection, beauty, understanding, bliss, walking on clouds and it really feels like you belong, uplifts you in ways you never knew possible from the inside youve got reason to move forward, living life on a level amazingly godly and strong. From all different angles you never knew exsisted you feel empowered and complete, in your heart you have reassurance there is not one single feeling that can even begin to start to compete...
What goes up must come down and the higher up it went the harder and faster youre gonna hit the floor. Yet sadly, strange enough and ironically youll find yourself begging for one last chance and always a wee bit more. You know presicely where this road and these choices will take you; but 'fuck me sideways!' clever little cunt you are what the fuck do you do? Conveniently forget about all the hardship and pain that was part of the jigsaw-puzzle that was your life, moving to the back of your head and pretending that this hectically abusive relationship with bad things wernt rife. Now even i dont know whether im talking about love or addiction here? All i know they can both be fucking disasterous if you dont tread lightly and as a balance bar use your fear...

'what brings me down now is love cause I can never get enough. And what brings me down now is love cause I can never get enough of love.
And it's a dangerous time, for a heart on a wire. Shuttle from station to station, noisily not knowing why. So I put my head on the ground
and the sky is a wheel. Spinning these days into things that I've lost but you can keep all the years. But I don't mind the days, gone rolling away cause all this sunlight feels warm on my face and i can never ever get enough of love'

Counting Crows - Goodnight L.A.

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