Sunday, 29 July 2012

Moving forward

Its about letting go of these defuncked and broken pieces that you've adopted along the way that no longer work for you, its about taking the lessons youve learnt on the path you took and having a complete understanding towards them is what you need to do, its about resetting your mind and having a complete makeover of your reality, its about creating a balance in your life so for once you can just be, its about releasing all the negative energy that youve built up in your life, its about getting rid of all this self-inficted fucked up shit that in your world is so rife...
But how do you get rid of all this fucking crap? but how do you let go and take what is yours back? How do you gather the pieces of a life that blew up, shattered and splintered and then paste it back together? How in the name of god do you make sure it sticks forever? How do you balance on this tightrope without once again falling? How the fuck do you make sure you dont end up back in a hole where the only way out is crawling???
To move forward so much strenght and energy does it take, to fuck out again completely only one wrong choice you have to make. Everything you picked up can be dropped and shattered with one single slip, before you realise youre sitting on the loo and from your arms the blood does once again drip. So simple to stay on the path narrow and straight, yet when the thought of using wins you cant fucking wait; to take a gamble with all the strenght you have built over what feels like years and then another explosion, a relapse and a manifestation of all your fears...
Once again, you are adrift...

'Thanks for your time and you can thank me for mine, and after thats said, forget it.'

Rodriguez - Thanks for your time

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