Saturday, 28 July 2012


You dont get a bigger fucking waste of time than shooting smack, from taking a hit and being out to just wanting more just like my old friend: crack. Whether you only took your first hit or youre fucked up and on the floor, the only fucking thing on you mind is more, more and more. I think enough is when you are in your grave but till then still youll be this bitches' slave. Riding you harder and harder from morning to night and doesnt matter what you do it doesnt feel like youll ever win this fight..
Getting up round after fucking round, stupid and fucked up as it might sound. Maybe you should just stay down an lay still for a while, pretend to be dead and swallow your smile. Maybe thats when the reaper will leave you alone, pretend to be dead while you are in a zone. Maybe than hell go and bother someone else for a change thus giving you time your strategy to rearrange. Try and bullshit yourself out of this one, god dammit that sound like alotta fun. Not in the mood to fight this fight, not in the mood to do things right. So you con yourself out of this fucking hole, only a fucking addict would have such a fucking goal...

'Finding some quiet time in your life, I think, is hugely important.'

Mariel Hemingway

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