Monday, 30 July 2012

Very deep, huge creep, lack of sleep

I am stoned and a negative creep, scars in me life dug very deep, sitting and nodding on my way to my work every day, fortunately a little bit of the buzz will stay: untill about half of my shift has passed, then prayer, medication and perseverance will help me last. So much shit, so much frustation, i really wish i could say it was an over-exaggeration. This heap of shit the smack caused here, i wonder what it would take to sort out this shit complete and clear. Wake up anxious as can be, then only with heroin inflicted tunnel vision you can see. Your bodys not sore but your mind is racing, this is a huge fucking dilemma i am facing. All i want to do is blow out my fucking brain but to the one person that cares about me this will cause alot of pain. I mean hes seen our mom and dad both die, i cant be the reason for him again to cry. The rest of everyone can all go and fuck themselves hard, there is so much more they can do but thats a start. All the fuckers that pretend to be concerned, love and care; go to fucking hell, do us all a favor and stay there....

'An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.'

Mahatma Gandhi

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