Sunday, 29 July 2012


Every-fucking-thing that i write always sounds the same, maybe its cause of the way all the chemicals burnt my brain. Or maybe i should work in my vocabulary, then a slight difference ill start to see. Cant blame the drugs for everything that goes wrong, youll only start to see what i mean if youve been using just as long. I could blame it cause its quite a convenient escape hatch, but then to me there would even be a bigger stigma from which i need to detach...
Already billed and labelled as a junkie of note, all the negative shit thats been said i cant even quote. Not cause im embaressed or cause its not true but cause there is really too much to remember mind you. You actually get used to it after a while, you dont even get pissed off anymore you rather react with a smile. True as hell some of the things about myself that i hear, when some people see me no wonder they react with fear...
Holding their phones and their wallets they hold onto so tight, not all addicts steal you cunts; get your facts right. I suppose all this shit comes with the territory - just remember theres an exception to every rule and to this rule its me. Try to explain it to all the narrow-minded cunts out there, especially the hippocrates that pretend to care. To your face their all nice and a smile plastered on their face - not even two steps away and theyll tell everyone 'god that junkies such a disgrace'. But what the fuck can i do about it?...Well? all you two faced fuckers: eat shit!!!

'Take your time, think alot. Why think of everything youve got. For you may still be here tomorrow but your dreams may not.'

Cat Stevens - Father and Son

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