Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Completely gone is all this motivation that was pumping through my veins in the past: i just have to find a different way or reason to build it up again and to make it last; dont have a fucking clue as to how and from where, maybe about myself, health and life i should start to care. Its quite difficult while you are down in the slums and dragging your feet, every now and then your heart skips a beat...
That should be enough to make a normal person change their way; but no put another bullet in the revolver and another game of roulette ill play. Its really as if something in your head just isnt ticking right, how many more times must i get up with a fight. Yet the only fucking person im fighting with is me; but fuuuck!! A more skilled opponent it couldnt be. Every step and every weakness this little bastard knows and in the attack strategy and timing it really shows...
Sometimes it really feels like myself i have to outwit and outplay. God this bastard is sharp and knows every move and gets nasty if he doesnt get his way and just when i think i have him down on the ground; he gets up fitter and fresher for another round. Its might sound like ive got a split personality but only if youve been addicted the sense in this you will see. Im not gonna give up and already im planning my attack strategy for the next round, and if youve never been in this position: how fucking crazy must this not sound...

'Get away from me, This isn't gonna be easy
but I don't need you believe me. You got a piece of me. But it's just a little piece of me. And I don't need anyone. And these days I feel like I'm fading away'

Counting Crows - Have you seen me lately

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